Book Club: The Day The World Came To Town

If you read my review of The Tattooist of Auschwitz, then you know I am fascinated by WWII history. I am also intrigued by the events – or specifically, the response to said events – occurring on September 11th, 2001. One of those responses is the coordination of Air Traffic Controllers across the country and pilots across US airspace to clear the skies in 12 minutes. They did that was by landing aircraft in Gander Newfoundland. Over three thousand people descended on the city – which is roughly twice the size of Findlay, OH – in a matter of minutes. How did the “Newfies” react? They shut down the city to aid the stranded passengers. They opened the local lodge to house people. Schools completely shut down while they were there. Several families opened their own homes to travelers. This is a heartwarming story that teaches a lesson the world could stand to be reminded of. Kindness. My grandma recommend I read this one. Naturally, grandma knows best. An added bonus? The positive karma that Newfoundland recieved because of their good deeds.

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