Book Club: Hillbilly Elegy

This one hit home for me. I picked this one up on recommendation from my friends Jacqueline and Lynn. Hillbilly Elegy, in a nutshell, talks about how “hill people” of Appalachia migrated north to Ohio, often “until the car broke down” to find opportunity. The book provides a lot of insight into their culture, background, and how they operate. The author talks about his upbringing, the plethora of father figures in his life, and a strong relationship with grandparents. The story is touted as a nothing-special success story. Vance, who is now a Lawyer in the Cincinnati area, shines quite a light on what this all looks like.

Some of those reading this book may find that this one hits close to home. The details outlined by Vance can be observed in our rural communities. As is mentioned on the cover, it’s a “Culture in Crisis.” I highly recommend everyone read this book.

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