About Me

I’m a Freshman at The Ohio State University majoring in Agriculture Communication. I’m an avid supporter of agriculture and it’s future. Telling stories is my passion. By day, I’m the Agriculture News Director at WKTN Radio in Kenton, Ohio (WKTN.com). By night, I’m a cattle farmer, photographer, pianist, and tech support guru.

You may also find me at the Hardin County Fairgrounds, where I manage the internet infrastructure, as well as communications for the fair. The place where I have grown up is truly the Hardin County Fair. More on the fair at hardincountyfair.org.

My journey in Agricultural Communication won me the 2017 National FFA Proficiency award for my work with the WKTN, the fair, and Ohio Ag Net & Ohio’s County Journal.

In addition to that, I’m the Media Coordinator for the Jon Cross, a Republican Candidate for the 83rd Ohio House District. You can learn about Jon at votejoncross.com.

In my free time, I’m an avid Kenton Wildcats sports fan. Give them some love at athletics.kentoncityschools.org or on twitter @KentonWildcats

I plan to use this blog very irregularly when I feel I have a long story to share, or feel I have something that the world will benefit from. One thing is sure, you won’t wonder opinion on the topic I’m sharing. No posts are ever meant as offensive to any party. However, the views reflect just myself, not the views of WKTN Radio (Home Town Media), the Hardin County Fair (Hardin County Agricultural Society), or Jon Cross and his Campaign. And anything else I get myself into.

Special thanks goes to Ryan Collins of ryancollins.org and eduk8.me for helping me get set up.

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