About Me

Before moving to Columbus to attend Ohio State, I spent three years as the Agriculture News Director at WKTN Radio in Kenton, Ohio. During my time there, I spent time hosting the Afternoon Drive, Saturday Morning Wake-Up, Best of Contemporary Christian Music, Quest Friday Night Tailgate Party, Quest Friday Night Scoreboard Show. I helped pioneer the morning talk show and later co-hosted the Morning Buzz. In addition to my regular air shifts, I served as the Website & Social Media Director, reported on local news, served as city council and school board correspondents, anchored newscasts, and dabbled in the station’s engineering.

You may also find me at the Hardin County Fairgrounds, where I serve as the Marketing and Communication Director. I coordinate all aspects of the fair that meet the public eye. I’m responsible for the brand, public relations, media coordination, crisis communication, internal communication, and network & internet infrastructure among other pieces. I help support advertising and sponsorships, entertainment, the Junior Fair Livestock Sale, and anything the board needs, really. The fair has given me so many great opportunities. I’m extremely passionate about my opportunity to help make it something great for the next generation of exhibitors and guests. You can find more on the fair at hardincountyfair.org.

My journey in Agricultural Communication won me the 2017 National FFA Proficiency award for my work with the WKTN, the fair, and Ohio Ag Net & Ohio’s County Journal as a student reporter in my FFA days.

For two years, I dabbled in public service as the Media Coordinator and later the Transition Committee Vice-Chair for my good friend, State Representative Jon Cross. You can learn about Jon here.

In my most recent adventure, I maintain a contract with Kenton City Schools, my alma mater. I work on their website and digital content pieces of their communication initiative. I spend my time bragging about how great Kenton students and faculty are, and that’s really awesome.

A quick note on the blog section; I use it very irregularly when I feel I have a long story to share or feel I have something that the world will benefit from. One thing is sure, you won’t wonder opinion on the topic I’m sharing. No posts are ever meant as offensive to anyone. However, the views reflect just me, not the views of the Hardin County Fair (Hardin County Agricultural Society), Kenton City Schools, or anything else I get myself into.

Special thanks go to my friend Ryan Collins of ryancollins.org and eduk8.me for helping me get set up.

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