Choosing Ohio State Lima gives Kenton student a way to build his future

Kolt Buchenroth of Kenton is an Ag Comm major, a program that requires him to spend some time on the Columbus campus. Buchenroth chose to spend his first year at The Ohio State University at Lima so he could continue to be a force in his hometown.

For Buchenroth, it has been all about his network.

“I am heavily involved in my local community working at our local radio station WKTN-FM, working for our agricultural society as the marketing and communication director at the Hardin County Fair, and volunteering for Jon Cross’ campaign for state representative as the media coordinator,” Buchenroth said. “Attending Ohio State Lima allowed me to begin my undergraduate work, while continuing my job in my intended career field.”

While he was attending classes at Ohio State Lima and working at WKTN, Buchenroth continued to build his photography business and freelance website design and video production projects. He was also preparing to manage a levy campaign. He could not have managed all of those projects if he was not local.

“Without my year at Ohio State Lima that allowed me to stay in my networks, I would not have the freelance work or community opportunities that I have today,” Buchenroth said.

Buchenroth made the most of the opportunities at Ohio State Lima. He not only continued to develop his local ties, but he also took the time to develop himself as a student.

“I think starting off on a smaller campus will help to bridge the gap from my small-town high school to the ‘big city’ of Columbus and the main campus community,” Buchenroth said. “Also, there are great financial benefits to attending the Lima campus from overall lower tuition cost, the elimination of housing costs, and extremely generous supporters of education through scholarship dollars.”

Spending one more year in his home community has helped him develop stronger ties that will give him the opportunity to choose to come back to the area and build a life.

“I am so proud to be from Kenton and Hardin County. We are very fortunate to have excellent resources, and great people in our local communities,” Buchenroth said. “I would love to return to Hardin County after I graduate.”

This story originally appeared on Ohio State Lima’s “Features” web series.

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