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It was a crappy and snowy January day. Still energized by the rollercoaster-election of President Trump,  my partner in politics Chase W. Fleece and I had an invitation from this guy named Jon Cross. Dressed in our black suits and ties, we saddled up my old S10 and pointed it toward Mount Victory.  We didn’t really know Jon. We knew that he was the president of the Chamber & Business Alliance, and his wife taught at our school. I think when we started this process, we both started this thing as simple resume builders. We were brought on as the “Youth Campaign Coordinators” which was a fancy name for “get the kids on board.” I glanced back at my notes to write this post. For some reason, I took down financial reporting deadlines and was glad to hear that Jon supported Agri-business innovation. Beyond that, we had no idea what journey we were about to embark on.

Chase and I’s first meeting on the trail. Afterword we learned “Jon isn’t really a suit and tie kind of a guy, more of a roll your sleeves up and get it done guy.” – Matt. I’m convinced Matt neglected it so we would look like dorks.

We set out on our mission to send new conservative leadership to the statehouse in Columbus. I’m often asked what the heck I’m doing running all over the tri-county area with a camera for no pay. Well, I mentioned this thing being a resume builder. That quickly changed for me. At our announcement video shoot, I got to hear Jon’s speech for the first time. Jon spoke about the key issues that we are fighting for. He spoke about the workforce crisis that we are facing, and the need to support career technical education, 4-H, and FFA. He spoke about fighting for small businesses and reducing regulations. He spoke about working on our drug crisis. He spoke about reducing regulation on farmers. He spoke about championing our community

I’ll be honest. I didn’t know fully what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this. I wasn’t concrete on what I was supporting. But, I trusted Matt and Jon to have my best interests in mind. Clearly, they didn’t disappoint. But that wasn’t what sold me on the whole thing. What sold me on this was a simple line.

I’m not doing this for me. I’m not doing this for Christina. We had our chance. I’m doing this for the next generation. I’m doing this for those two boys. – Jon Cross

It became apparent to me that Jon wasn’t doing this for title, politics, power, or money. He wants to make our home a quality place to live. He wants to make this a place where we come back to raise our own families.

The announcement video that still sends a chill down my spine.

We were riding home from a summer festival and Matt, Chase and I had a pretty real conversation. At this festival, a gentleman called our hometown “Kenton-tucky.” Chase and I laughed the comment off, but Matt wasn’t happy. He made a valid point. Matt reminded me of a few things. Our gorgeous courthouse, our top-notch fair and fairground, our new youth athletic complex, a prestigious university, state of the art schools, a great hospital, excellent first responders and resources for them to do their jobs and great industry employment opportunities.

I have always been proud to be from Hardin County, but Matt and I’s conversation energized me. This campaign became less about my personal resume and much more about making a difference and our little piece of paradise having a seat at the table. I’m so thankful that I have been on this trail and been able to meet community advocates like Jon & Christina, Matt & Marcy, Jacqualine & Dave, the Haushalter family, and so many more.

This campaign has been to every corner of our district. We’ve been to Vanlue, McComb, and Van Buren in the sweltering heat, and Findlay, Rushylsvaina, and right here at home in Kenton during the frigid days of Winter. Jon and I spent Valentines Day recording videos and visiting with township trustees (sorry Christina). We have spent several weekends out knocking doors, deploying yard signs (and fixing them, and fixing them again). 

I’m not going to throw the mud. Our opponent and her followers have publicly lashed out and annihilated us. From Chase and I professionally to people trying to defend their candidate. To be really honest, I don’t care about all of the crap because it speaks for itself.

“Think of the worst thing you could possibly say, then don’t say it.” – Grams

This campaigns opponent’s actions speak louder than words. She has demanded meetings with high ranking officials that have already endorsed our campaign, to try and play catch up. She traveled to a Hardin County township meeting, though she was in Logan County, and suddenly picked up a draw and spontaneous usage of the word “Y’all” almost to insinuate that we are nothing but a bunch of hill-jacks. While at that meeting, she said she spoke with a woman from “Dola Township” I’ve lived here all of my life, and have covered stories in each corner of this county. I’ve never been to or met anyone from Dola Township. It’s pretty clear that there is one candidate that cares about the innocent unborn lives, our guns, our business, our workforce and addiction crises. One candidate who cares about our communities. One candidate in this race that cares about you and I.

I feel like we’ve done a really good job of communicating where we stand on our issues, but as the Media Coordinator, I’m highly biased. By day, I tell our stories and answer our questions. In this capacity, I don’t speak for Jon. Jon speaks for Jon. If you have questions, I urge to do what I do and go to the source, versus firing up your favorite social media platform. You can start by visiting You can message Jon through facebook, send him an email, or give him a call. And there is only one candidate that will talk to you like that.

Like Jon, I’m asking you to consider my generation. I’m asking you to consider my future kids in this primary election day on May 8th.

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  1. Kolt ,
    well said you are an asset to the community and your work shows it! People follow leaders and you are building your resume every day every minute. “its not about what you know but sometimes who you know that can make an impact to the world”

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