Water Towers and Infinities

The Fault in Our Stars is a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy. It’s a terribly depressing read, but such a great one all at the same time. These quotes won’t make a lot of sense without that context. Highly recommend the novel by John Green.

“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” -Augustus Waters

My family has been pretty fortunate not have any severe encounters with cancer. I’ve never really understood how we have avoided it, but we have. My first introduction to the disease came in the summer of 2014. I was beginning to see Ashley, and I was quickly introduced to her mother, Amy.

Amy was quite unlike anyone I had ever met before. She was in her third round of a battle with cancer and beginning to make regular trips to Chicago for treatment. The woman I met had no hair, was easily tired, and had a fireball of an attitude. I’ve got pretty set opinions on a lot of things. From early on, Amy was pretty quick to spout something back just for the sake of the conversation. She and I attempted to solve the world’s problems on the way to several basketball games (of which I was chief navigator that always managed to get us lost.)

But it wasn’t her quick wit or our in-depth conversations about the world that always struck me most about Amy. Amy Cyrus was the true definition of strength. I have friends that can lift hundreds of pounds. Amy was stronger. I know of people that rank among the top athletes in the country. Amy was stronger. I know people that can walk through the firey gauntlet of extensive criticism and backlash and emerge unphased. Amy was stronger. Amy battled that terrible disease 24/7/365. I’d see her about once a week, always with a great big smile on her face. One thing can’t be argued. Amy Cyrus was a rock star that brightened the day of everyone she came across. Back to John Green, I think this says it best.

“I’m on a roller coaster that always goes up, my friend.” -Augustus Waters

Ashley and I went our separate ways early on in our Senior years. Occasionally, we’d run into each other out and about. Each time we were met with that beaming smile, that the darkest shade of black wouldn’t be able to dull. It has been amazing how stories of Amy came up. Every discussion revealed the same thing…Amy Cyrus, the rock star. We always came to the conclusion that Amy was the strongest person that we knew. If I had to bet, I would say Amy’s influence is far from over.

So the title. I can’t explain it fully. Amy and I were talking photography one day and she told me she was on a mission. I inquired and she told me she wanted to take photos of all of the neat old water towers in Ohio. One from every county. This conversation has always stuck with me. She wanted to showcase the beauty of such a simple, yet vital structure in our civilizations. I would’ve thought this conversation would’ve left my mind as quickly as it had entered. But, for some reason, this conversation has always inspired me to cherish the simple things. This summer will start my mission to capture a photo of 88 water towers in Ohio.

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” -Hazel Grace Lancaster

This morning we lost a good one. Amy Cyrus lost her battle with cancer. Thank you, Amy, for your inspiration, your beaming smile, and your strength.

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  1. A very special read! Myself & my family are dealing with that horrible word cancer! Everyday it on my mind something that I can’t pull myself out of, even when things are looking well. Amy was very brave and that smile was contagious and she had a will like no other. Thank you so muck kilt for this beautiful article of Amy!

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